June 10, 2023


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15 of the Best Courses Available to Take on Masterclass

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You may have seen the recent SNL skit advertising a fashion MasterClass taught by Timothée Chalamet or a bike riding tutorial led by Tiger King’s Carole Baskin. While the skit was complete satire (if only!), the platform MasterClass is no joke when it comes to learning a new skill. This reputable online education platform hosts a range of courses instructed by well-known professionals ranging from your favorite celebrities to revered public figures. I mean, if you’ve ever wanted to take vocal lessons, you might as well take them from Christina Aguilera, right?

Other instructors include: Kelly Wearstler, who teaches interior design; Gordon Ramsay, who teaches cooking; Penn & Teller, who teach magic; and so much more. The platform offers over 80 unique classes designed for students of all skills levels. Those interested can purchase a yearly subscriptions for $180, which offer unlimited access to all classes. However, MasterClass is currently offering a special BOGO deal, so new members can score two subscriptions for the price of one. Whether you’re looking to learn a new trade, or just get a glimpse into a different industry, MasterClass is the perfect place to start. On average, each course offers around 20 video lessons that users can watch (and rewatch) at their own pace. Thinking of trying it out? Here are our 15 best MasterClass recommendations.

Learn Photography from Annie Lebiovitz

Annie Leibovitz, the first female chief photographer at Rolling Stone, (and the last person ever to take a portrait of John Lennon) teaches students the storytelling process of a photo. She capitalizes on how it’s not about the equipment one uses, but rather the meaning behind the lens. In this course, students will learn how to develop concepts, work with subjects, shoot with natural light, and give life to their images post-production.

Learn How to Build a Brand from Diane Von Furstenberg

Belgian fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg teaches students the foundations of building a fashion brand. In this marketing-focused class she helps students develop the integrity to succeed. This course teaches students how to develop a visual identity, generate brand loyalty, and how to launch a product. While this class does not teach fashion design, Marc Jacobs offers another MasterClass that will walk you through the steps of taking your sketch and turning it into a daring piece.

Learn Design and Architecture from Frank Gehry

Acclaimed architect Frank Gehry has created some of the most famous structures in the world from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. In this course, he breaks down his unique creative philosophy and teaches students how to hone in on their true style no matter what risks that may entail. He’ll also help students create a logic behind their eccentric ideas.

Learn Acting from Samuel L. Jackson

With credits in over 100 films, including Pulp Fiction and The Avengers, Samuel L. Jackson can tackle any role and make it his own. In this course, Jackson teaches students how to master the audition, analyze scripts, and really transform into the character you’re performing.

Learn Basketball Techniques from Stephen Curry

Named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player twice, Stephen Curry knows his way around a basketball court. In this course, he teaches students the techniques that took him a good basketball player to an NBA all-star, including perfect shooting mechanics to on-court concepts and basketball drills.

Learn Creative Writing from James Patterson

Best-selling author James Patterson knows a thing or two about writing an irresistible read. In this course, he teaches students all the tricks of the trade, from developing plot lines to creating a comprehensive outline, overcoming writer’s block, and creating memorable characters. He also instructs writers on what to avoid, forming an economy of words, choosing the right ending, and how to keep readers engaged.

Learn How to Write Satire from David Sedaris

American humorist, comedian, and author David Sedaris is here to help students grasp comedy writing. He helps students take their everyday observations and weave them into personal essays guaranteed to get a laugh but also connect with readers. The course focuses on writing with meaning and also humor, perfecting your opening line, as well as how to write about the people in your life.

Learn Comedy from Steve Martin

Aspiring stand-up comedian? Actor and comedian Steve Martin is here to help you jumpstart your comedy career. From gathering material to developing a comedic persona, Marti’s course teaches students how to craft jokes and bits, nail that delivery, and put together a solid act. He’ll even discuss using profanity, and the morality of material.

Learn How to Hit Those Notes With Christina Aguilera

Five-time Grammy Award winner, Christina Aguilera teaches warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, and how to perform her signature growls. This pop queen also breaks down her biggest hits and help aspiring singers expand their range.

Learn Guitar from Carlos Santana

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana shows how to play guitar in his spiritual style. Students will learn how to play with confidence, use their music to connect deeply with listeners, blend harmonies with rhythmic accents, and create guitar melodies. Santana even advises on leading a band and developing trust between members.

Learn Cooking from Gordon Ramsay

You don’t need to go Hell’s Kitchen to get a taste of Gordon Ramsay’s expertise. Ramsay shares how he grew into his craft and became such a well-respected chef. In his course, he teaches students how to pick out the best produce, properly sharpen knives, and how to use spices and herbs. Ramsay also shares fish deboning basics, how to make pasta dough, cook salmon, and master scrambled eggs.

Learn Interior Design from Kelly Wearstler

Interior designer Kelly Wearstler lays out the foundations of what interior design really is. This class is perfect for those trying to master the trade or those looking to revamp their space. She’ll help students hone in on their true style, as well as share ways to make any space feel larger, as well as tell a story through its design. Students will graduate this course with the ability to confidently choose colors, patterns, and finishes.

Learn Makeup from Bobbi Brown

Pause the Youtube tutorials and let this makeup mogul show you her craft. Using models with a range of skin tones, Bobbi Brown won’t just give you tips on how to freshen up your face, she’ll take you through the different types of workplace makeup, as well as the looks used for editorial shoots. Brown will show students how to do makeup in just one minute, nail the smokey eye, and create a statement lip that will get people talking.

Learn How to Make a Film from Martin Scorsese

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese guides students through the history of filmmaking before sharing his own approach to creating a cinematic masterpiece. He’ll show students how to tell a story through film, edit, and work with actors.

Learn Magic Tricks from Penn and Teller

Renown magic personalities Penn and Teller teach students some new tricks, as well as the psychology behind the magic. Through rope and card tricks, sleight of hand, misdirection and more, students will learn the principles of the craft as well as its moral philosophies.

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