From pom poms to sheepskin, there’s a range of fun or fancy products to choose from (Garden Trading)
From pom poms to sheepskin, there’s a range of fun or fancy products to choose from (Garden Trading)

Whether you’re looking to prop open a heavy door, or want to block the chill out of your bedroom this winter, good door stops and draught excluders are a homeware necessity. As well as being functional, the right one can add character, colour and fun to the look of your home.

We hunted down some of the best door stops and draught excluders available to buy today. We included a mix of styles, sizes and materials to cover all bases, whether you’re looking for something light and fun as an extra interior talking point, or want something heavier and more neutral to slot seamlessly into your current design scheme.

We also made sure to include door stops and draught excluders of various budgets – so whether you’re looking to spend less than you would on a coffee, or you have the budget to splash out on something special, you’ll find it here.

Sophie Allport dachshund door stop: £34, Sophie Allport

Animal lovers, we’ve found the perfect door stop for you. British homeware brand Sophie Allport designs a variety of accessories inspired by nature and the countryside, and we loved the wide selection of animal door stops, which range from elephants and chickens to ducks and owls. Our favourite was this adorable dachshund door stop, made of a beautiful teal cotton fabric covered with mini sausage dogs, with fun details in the felt ears and red collar. Despite its soft feel, this door stop was strong and able to keep open heavy doors, and was admired by all our tester’s guests.

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Wayfair Hoskins square leather door wedge: £27.99, Wayfair

One of our favourite door stops on the list, this weighty cube from American homeware company Wayfair is a seriously smart addition to any home. Handmade with soft leather with a rope handle for easy lifting and carrying, the door stop is sizeable enough to keep the heaviest of doors open, and is full of fun details, from the linen underside to the numbers on the front. A great choice if you want a door stop to really make a statement rather than just being functional.

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Baa Stool draught excluder: £75, Baa Stool

Once winter comes, all we want to do is burrow under the warmth of deliciously soft sheepskin. British brand Baa Stool makes furniture and home accessories in a workshop in Wales, using luxurious sheepskin, including a vibrant range of door stops and draught excluders. We loved the draught “excl’ewe’ders”, which are available in 18 different colours, whether you want something natural like ivory or chocolate, or prefer a bright tone like red or lilac. The giant fluffy excluder is more than big enough to keep out even the most persistent of draughts and brought a lovely, cosy Scandi look to our home.

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Wilko cheese shaped door wedge: £1.75, Wilko

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to cheese? Yup, us too. This door wedge from Wilko will appeal to all those of us who are totally fanatical about the stuff. Shaped like a giant block of Swiss cheese, the door stop has convincing holes and is slightly bendy. However, despite being made of a softer, more flexible material than many others on this list, the door stop still propped open our tester’s very heavy door with no problems. A bargain novelty gift that will make a fun talking point in a kid’s room.

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Garden Trading draught excluder: £25, Garden Trading

Banish the cold and keep all the warmth in with this lovely draught excluder from homeware company Garden Trading. Made of thick linen, this has as a classy, elegant feel and is superb at blocking out the cold. It’s extra long so will be more than enough to fit most door sizes, and the dark, neutral tone, a mixture of grey and blue, will go well with any interior scheme. We loved the chic colour, large size and high-quality material.

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Rex London cast iron hen door stop: £6.95, Rex London

For a simple, fantastically-priced door stop that does the job well, we’re fans of Rex London and this hen door stop. Made of cast iron, this is pleasingly heavy and has a cute vintage look, while the hen design adds a touch of fun. While we loved the look of this door stop indoors, it would also go well in a garden or on a balcony to add a rustic flourish.

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Next pom pom door stop: £14, Next

British retailer Next has a fun selection of door stops, including ones shaped like elephants and birds, but our top pick was this pom pom offering. We liked the neutral colour, both of the main door stop and the sweet pom poms, which help it slot into any interior scheme with ease, and also loved the chic linen material, which adds a smart finish. It’s on the small side but is heavy enough to keep any door open, and there’s also a useful handle for easy lifting and carrying.

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Lowie Wedgie Freeda door stop: £16, Lowie

For a door stop that will put a smile on your face, look to independent wooden handicrafts company Wedgie, which makes handcrafted painted wooden door stops that look just like famous faces. You can choose from the likes of Freddie Mercury, Winston Churchill, Karl Lagerfeld and Madonna, but we especially love the colourful “Freeda” Frida Kahlo door stop, which looked just like the uncompromising Mexican artist and feminist pioneer. This not only kept our door firmly propped open, but caught all our visitors’ eyes too.

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Wayfair country York draught excluder: £23.99, Wayfair

Another option for a generously-sized draught excluder that will be sure to keep the chill out of your home, this Wayfair offering is long and chunky enough to block even the sneakiest of draughts from creeping into any doorway. We liked the rustic plaid design and sweet heart detailing, while the green tones add a fun pop of colour. The draught excluder is made of cotton and is reversible, so you can choose if you’d prefer a plaid or plain green background.

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CoolGift gold bar door stop: £14.90, CoolGift

If you’re a fan of bling, you’ll love this attention grabbing door stop from fun company CoolGift. Shaped like a very convincing gold bar, the door stop is made of rubber and steel, and is weighty enough to keep open even the heaviest of doors. It can also be used as a paperweight for a glitzy desk accessory, and would make a really fun novelty gift for a friend who likes to live lavishly.

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The verdict: door stops and draught excluders

For a beautifully made door stop with a wide selection to delight all animal lovers, choose one of the adorable options from Sophie Allport. If animals aren’t your thing, Wayfair’s leather cube door wedge is another statement door stop that looks smart and is full of lovely details. And if you’re after a really fun and effective draught excluder, our top pick would be Baa Stool for its soft, fluffy feel and the huge range of colours available.

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